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Questions tagged [hawaiian]

For questions about the mythology and religion of the people of the Hawaiian islands, often before outside contact with Europeans.

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How is Hina related to Maui in Hawaiian mythology?

According to Wikipedia: he is the son of ʻAkalana and his wife Hina-a-ke-ahi (Hina) and according to Encyclopedia Mythica: Maui's mother Hina complained that the sun traveled too fast across ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What is the original creation myth of Hawaiian mythology?

According to what I read in the Internet, there are two variants of the creation myth in Hawaiian mythology. According to the first two websites, the god Kane emerged from Chaos or Po and he creates ...
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3 votes
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Could someone tell me about good books about Hawaiian mythology?

Could someone tell me about good books about Hawaiian mythology? I've been really interested in it for a long time but I have no idea where to ask for advice or whom to believe.
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7 votes
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Was Nuu-mea-lani, a home of the Hawaiian gods, an island?

I was reading about how Pele, the goddess of volcanoes, came to Hawai'i. On page 9, it says, Na-maka-oka-hai went to the highest of all the mythical lands of the ancestors, Nuu-mea-lani (The raised ...
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