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Significance of Enoch's age in the Hebrew Bible and identification with seventh antediluvian king/sage from Mesopotamian mythology

In the Hebrew Bible, Genesis 5:23 records Enoch's age as 365 years. As far as I can tell based on my review of the BHS and Göttingen LXX apparatus, there are no alternate readings of this number as ...
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Airs composed by priest in Hebrew perhaps? [closed]

I am solving crossword and one of the clues says, Airs composed by priest in Hebrew perhaps The answer to which is Israeli, as found on the Internet. Could someone please explain it to me, what ...
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What's the difference between a giant and the "nephilim"?

This picture above is a giant. What exactly is the difference between a "giant" and the Hebrew "nephilim"?
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What are the 365 virtues?

I was researching and I came across Abraxas, a daemon(inferior god), an archon, an aeon, the "Supreme" god, an angel... He has a place in many mythologies, and the number 365 keeps coming up. 365 ...
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