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Did Greek mythology feature any significant Heroes without a divine lineage?

Ancient Greek culture and mythology is famously humanist, and they had a strong tradition of Heroes who undertook epic feats throughout the mythos. As far as I can tell, all the Heroes had a god or ...
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Have powerful mythological heroes ever run away or been deeply afraid?

Have powerful heroes ever shown deep fear or fled? I am aware that foes and enemies of heroes at times flee them but I cannot think of any incidents where some powerful figure of martial might in any ...
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Are there any female heroines in Shinto mythology?

Female heroines are rare in mythology. In Greek, off the top of my hippocampus, I can only recall one, Atlanta. In Chinese folklore, possibly the most popularly known, Hua/Fa Mulan. Does Shinto ...
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How far does the classical model remain a template for heroism in the modern world?

Pretty much the question. I'm doing an essay right now on the social constructions of heroes, yet I don't really know how to go about this. My basic outline (so far) is this: Introduction to what a ...
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