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For questions about the place of mythology in history, as opposed to potentially fictional mythological accounts of history.

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When and how did the Greek mythos transfer to the Romans?

It seems that there are a great many similarities between Roman and Greek Mythology. In fact, many people consider them synonymous and only really differ in the names. For example: Greek ⇄ Roman Zeus ...
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Is it possible to build a timeline for Greek mythology?

I have tried to find a timeline for Greek mythology but I either find small, unreferenced lists or timelines of Ancient Greece. Particularly, I would like to build or find one where it explains how ...
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Who came first, Egyptian pharoah Horus-Aha 3100bc, or, Horus the Deity?

Horus-Aha Hor-Aha (or Aha or Horus Aha) is considered the second pharaoh of the First Dynasty of Egypt by some Egyptologists, others consider him the first one and corresponding to Menes. He lived ...
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