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Questions tagged [iliad]

For questions about a Greek epic attributed to Homer, about the Trojan War.

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Did Helen and Stentor have voice-related "super-powers"?

Helen's Many Voices In Odyssey 4.274-289 Menelaus recounts a story from the time that he and other leaders of the Greek forces at Troy were hiding in the famous decoy wooden horse which they used as ...
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Date (time of year) of the Iliad?

Does Homer give any clue as to the time of year, or even the specific dates, when events in the Iliad occur? I don't mean the absolute chronology (e.g., 1184 BCE or whatever) or span of time (e.g., +9 ...
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How can gods hide themselves from other god's gaze?

I know of Hades with his Helm of Darkness. I know that Athena gave a Helm of Darkness to the hero Perseus and later used it (or another) herself in the Iliad to hid from Ares. Another point in the ...
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Why does Achilles sacrifice 12 Trojan men on Patroclus' funeral pyre? Will this benefit Patroclus in the afterlife? (Illiad Book 23)

In the Iliad, Achilles gives his friend Patroclus an elaborate funeral, involving the sacrifice of various animals, including 2 of Patroclus own dogs (presumably so they can be with him in the ...
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