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For questions for the deeper meaning behind a myth, such as a theme or symbolism.

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What is the meaning of the star symbols appearing on seal VA 243?

Here is the picture of cylinder seal VA/243. Image credits: Z. Sitchin This seal was named like that because it is number 243 in the collection of the Vorderasiatische Museum in Berlin. What is the ...
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Why is rape featured so prominently in Greek mythology?

This question may be a little controversial so try to keep your answers as academically as possible. (take an example from @DukeZhou ) If on the subject general answers are also accepted I am familiar ...
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What is the symbolism behind Psyche's tasks?

The taskmaster in the story of Cupid and Psyche was Cupid's mother, the love goddess Venus or Aphrodite. Venus had never liked Psyche, so the opportunity of putting her to a series of tests gave Venus ...
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Relationship of Mithra and Varuna

Just need an answer about the two gods Mithra and Varuna, their situation actually. I know that Mithra isn't worshiped at all, but I read and suspect personally that his name still remains in the "...
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What is the significance of the very long time Völsung spent in the womb?

Völsung's mother carried him in her womb for six years: Now no otherwise it goes with the queen's sickness than heretofore, nor may she be the lighter of her child, and six winters wore away with the ...
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