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Questions tagged [interpretation]

For questions for the deeper meaning behind a myth, such as a theme or symbolism.

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Medea in the Dunciad

The mortal Medea, as described in Wikipedia, does not appear to characterize the lines in Alexander Pope's Dunciad: As one by one, at dread Medea's strain, The sick'ning stars fade off th' ethereal ...
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Relationship of Mithra and Varuna

Just need an answer about the two gods Mithra and Varuna, their situation actually. I know that Mithra isn't worshiped at all, but I read and suspect personally that his name still remains in the "...
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What are the major interpretations of the Enuma Elish?

I'm reading Mesopotamian mythology and looking to get a comparison of the major interpretations of the 'meaning' (mythological, psychological or psychoanalytic, ecological, historical, etc.) of the ...
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Why does Hesiod emphasize the fact that Hecate is the only child of her parents?

In Hesiod's Theogony, he dedicates a part to talking about Hecate's birth and the powers she possesses: And she conceived and bare Hecate whom Zeus the son of Cronos honoured above all. He gave her ...
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Spirals as calendrical representations (from HSM)

A recent work proposed that the double spiral motif found at Newgrange (ca. 3200 BC) is a calendrical representation. Looking south the northern peoples observed that the arc traced by the sun widens ...
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What is in the hand of Castor? Can that be a mirror?

My question is about the twin brothers - the mortal Castor and the immortal Pollux. Regarding this statue, which is a Roman copy of a 4th-5th century BC Greek version: In the descriptions I found it ...
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Is there a detailed analysis comparing Jonah's story in the Bible with the Sun and the seasons?

In this video Derek of Myth vision explores the story of Jonah and the Fish swallowing him. There is this comment below in that video. This seems like a very interesting allegory of nature. Has some ...
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