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Is there an English translation of the Inuit story "Mother of the Dog Children"?

I'm trying to find the translation to the Inuit story "Mother of the Dog Children", viewable here -- Any resources that may help translate this text ...
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Looking for stories on the Torngarsuk (Inuit mythology)

I'm doing research and am fascinated by Inuit mythology. I am looking for stories about the Torngarsuk, but am having a hard time finding anything that isn't general Wikipedia summaries. I'm trying to ...
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How can I find the meanings of certain words of the Inuit language?

I have been reading the Inuit and Chukchee mythology on Sacred Texts. There are many words here that appear to be transliteration rather than translations. Is there an Inuit/Chukchee language ...
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What is the origin of the akhlut's name?

The akhlut is a creature from Inuit myth, a monstrous wolf that can take the shape of an orca. However, I haven't been able to find this word in any reliable Inuktitut dictionaries (looking for akhlut,...
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