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Questions tagged [italy]

For myths specifically from the country of Italy.

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What Ionia does Solinus say is named after Ione, daughter of Aulochus?

It may seem straight forward, Ionia is named after Ione, but Ionia is in Asia Minor and in context, he's listing places in Italy However, lest it appear as though I have left Italy entirely untouched,...
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Why Does the Devil Have a Silver Nose

I recently heard an Italian fairy-tale from a friend, in which a girl rescues her sisters from the Devil's basement. I've identified the tale as How the Devil Married Three Sisters (sometimes Silver ...
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What is this symbol on my necklace?

I bought this pendant in Italy around 10 years ago, I think from Rome. I’ve always been curious as to what the bird with the sun above it (etched onto the red glossy background) represents. I was a ...
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What is the story of Madonna Oriente?

I stumbled upon the Wikipedia article on Madonna Oriente, a mysterious religious figure of 14th century Milan: Madonna Oriente or Signora Oriente (Lady of the East), also known as La Signora del ...
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