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body of folklore and mythology found in the sacred texts and traditional narratives that help explain and symbolize the Jewish faith.

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Was there a Roman festival where people dressed in skins?

In the middle of a discussion on different pagan Roman festivals, the Talmud in Tractate Avodah Zara 11b describes a certain Roman festival: "Rav Yehuda says that Shmuel says: They have another ...
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Is there any evidence of a Jewish demon named Khoyzek?

The Yiddish term khoyzek refers a "mockery" of something else. According to Dov Sadan (cited here) this word derives from Khoyzek a demon in Jewish folklore. I looked high and low and could ...
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Do European folklore creatures, like ogres, brownies, fairies,goblins etc. have characteristics attributed to anti-semitism?

These creatures mentioned in the title have characteristics (any, such as traits, costumes, behavior, etc.) attributed to anti-semitism by antisemitic people (or have their origins rooted in this)?
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What connects the Welsh and English Gogmagog with the Hebrew Gog and Magog?

The guardian statues outside London's Guildhall, the building that houses the administration of the Corporation of the City of London, are known as Gog and Magog. Originally they were understood to be ...
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Who is the man in the Apocalypse of Abraham?

In Chapter XXIX of the Apocalypse of Abraham, a "man" appears 1: And I [looked and] saw a man going out from the left side of the heathen; and there went out men and women and children, ...
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Is there a reason for the specificity of Abraham's sacrifice?

In the Apocalypse of Abraham, Abraham receives a divine command to offer sacrifice1: IX. Then a voice came to me speaking twice: “Abraham, Abraham!” And I said: “Here am I!” And He said: “Behold, ...
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What do we know about the pagan gods in the Apocalypse of Abraham?

In the opening chapters of the Apocalypse of Abraham that discuss Abraham's conversion from idolatry, the pagan gods Merumath, Nakhin, Barisat, Zouchaios and Ioav are named. What do we know about ...
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