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For questions about the mythology of the peoples of the Korean peninsula.

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Are humans suppose to succeed gods in Far East mythologies?

Although this question is mostly inspired by video games, I'm searching for the cultural (mythological?) root of this "trope" (I lack a better term). At this point, I encountered it multiple ...
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What is the Reason Korean Queen Heo Hwang Ok assumed to come from Ayodhya?

When Most of the Proofs Direct Queen Heo Hwang ok came from Tamilnadu(Ayutha - Kanyakumari). Why its assumed she came from Ayodhya?
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What species of tree is meant in the Dangun myth of Korea?

The 'Dangun myth' tell the story of Korea's origins. Hwanin/Haneullim is the Supreme God, whose son Hwanung descends to earth to a sandalwood tree. His son is Dangun, founder and god-king of Gojoseon, ...
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Did Korean Queen Heo Hwang-ok Exist and was she Indo-Aryan or Tamil?

This question has two parts. 1. Did Queen Heo exist? Is there any evidence that Queen Heo was a historical figure and not just a legend? Is there any proof that her tomb in Korea really houses her ...
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What was the parentage of the Korean King Suro?

According to Korean myth, King Suro of Geumgwan Gaya was one of six eggs that descended from heaven. Does he have any parentage other then that? Any details about who laid the eggs? Or any other ...
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How did you survive my 100-step punch?

I remember from long ago a story about a martial artist, The Bully, who was renowned for his "100-step punch": if he lands the blow, you will die after taking 100 steps. One day another martial ...
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Why aren't bears more revered in Korean culture? [closed]

Bears have a prominent place in the Korean creation myth: Ungnyeo was the name of a bear that turned into a woman, who gave birth to Dangun, the legendary first Korean king. So really, Ungnyeo the ...
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