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Do dragons marry human women?

I found a collection of 3 love stories from medieval European folklore about dragons disguising themselves as handsome men to seduce beautiful women, usually a princess and marry them. Is this a ...
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What mythological figures have died for love?

I was recently thinking about Orpheus, and different accounts of his death, and although they tend to vary, the versions that strike me as most compelling are those in which the loss of Eurydice may ...
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What does Tiresias's answer to the gods mean?

Zeus and Hera once had an argument on which gender enjoyed love making more. They called on Tiresias, a mortal that had been both a man and a woman. his answer was this... Of ten parts a man enjoys ...
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What kinds of love do individual Greek gods represent?

The Greeks had four concepts for love: éros (ἔρος), storgē (στοργή), philía (φιλία) and agápe (ἀγάπη). Eros being passionate love or romantic love. Storge means love between good friends and family. ...
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Are there any other Greek gods/goddesses that actually remained loyal to their counterpart?

Cheating on one's significant other is common in Greek Myth. I have only found four gods that remain faithful: Hera, Amphitrite, Eros and Psyche (while gods that didn't marry can't exactly cheat). ...
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What is the Myth that had Shakespeare inspired to write Romeo and Juliet?

In my last question, I mentioned a love story that Shakespeare based his Romeo and Juliet story on. I said I tried and failed to find their names. The following is what I know of this story. They ...
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Are there any love stories in Greek myth that don't have one or both dying?

Phaedra and Hippolytus: Phaedra is cursed to love her own stepson Hippolytus, who dies. Galatea and Acis: Galatea attracts the love of Polyphemus, who kills her lover Acis. Hero and Leander live on ...
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Was Eurystheus a lover of Heracles? Did Heracles have any other male lovers?

In some versions of the 12 labors of Heracles, Eurystheus is a lover of Heracles and he undertook the 12 labors for Eurystheus' love. Did Heracles have any other male lovers?
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