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Is there a detailed analysis comparing Jonah's story in the Bible with the Sun and the seasons?

In this video Derek of Myth vision explores the story of Jonah and the Fish swallowing him. There is this comment below in that video. This seems like a very interesting allegory of nature. Has some ...
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Who is the woman portrayed atop a pillar at UCT's Upper Campus?

On top of a pillar that was about two or three storeys tall, I once saw this sculpture of a woman looking out toward the woods of Devil's Peak on Table Mountain in the City of Cape Town. This being ...
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Is there a deliberate symbolic relationship between the Rockefeller Plaza Atlas statue and St Patrick's Cathedral?

The International Building, part of the Rockefeller Center, stands in Midtown Manhattan. In the building's courtyard, at Number 630 on Fifth Avenue, its entrance is guarded by the dark and imposing 45-...
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Has the mind's eye always been seen as residing in the head?

Our modern representations of imagination usually involve things being emitted from or contained within our heads. (Thought bubbles, for example, and the many pieces of "imagination" clip-art where ...
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Why do so many cultures have monsters that prey on families?

While researching La Llorona and vampiresses, I noticed that lots of cultures have predominantly female monsters that use deception to prey on families. Lamia that prey on young men and children, deer ...
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Can the unbreakable lid specifically in the Work and Days version of Pandora be taken as a metaphor?

This excellent question got me thinking about how to understand the perceived ambiguity of the status of "Hope" in the Works and Days version of the Pandora story. Is there some deeper meaning to the ...
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