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For questions about the fearsome and powerful war hammer forged by dwarves, the trademark weapon of the Norse god of thunder, Thor.

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11 votes
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What is the relationship between Thor and storms?

We all know Þórr means thunder and that Mjǫllnir may possibly mean lightning, however, in all the texts I've read, there isn't a single mention (or at least not a relevant one) of a connection between ...
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18 votes
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Is Mjolnir actually capable of flying back into Thor's hand like a boomerang after being thrown?

This is something Marvel's Thor does all the time: So I was wondering: Has Thor/Mjolnir ever done anything like this in actual Norse mythology?
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19 votes
2 answers

What is the story behind Thor wearing a wedding dress to get Mjölnir back?

I often hear of a story of Loki taking Mjölnir away from Thor and selling it to giants. Thor then gets angry and makes Loki join him in wearing wedding dresses to enter the giants place unnoticed to ...
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