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Questions tagged [mongolian-shamanism]

The shamanistic folk religion practiced in Mongolia and the surrounding areas. Also called Tengerism, or Böö mörgöl.

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Are there any good online resources for Mongolian myths in English?

I want to learn more about Mongolian mythology but am having trouble finding texts in English (I only speak English).
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How was Mongol religion influenced by Christianity?

One story stands out to me in particular. Erlik, a deity in Mongol mythology, was either the brother of or created as the first human by the supreme god Ülgen. I read that Erlik wanted to become equal ...
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Who is Er Kishi in Mongol mythology?

Are there any myths about him? I can't find much about him besides the fact that he became a demonic god at some point.
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Do mongols have something like a werewolf?

Lots of cultures have some sort of shapeshifting monster or a magician that can transform into animals. Do mongols have something like this too? Is it a feral monster or is it more intelligent? Is ...
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What is signified by Genghis Khan being born with a blood clot in his hand?

Genghis Khan (born Temüjin), is reputed to have been born with a blood clot in his right hand. Then Yisügei-ba’atur plundered Temüjin-üge, Qoribuga, and other Tatars. On his return, Lady Hö’elün ...
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