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How central are arts (τέχναι) to the Greeks' conception of godhead?

In the opening paragraph of The Birth of Tragedy (orig./trans.), Nietzsche names Apollo and Dionysus as “both” of the Greeks’ “art-deities” (ihre beiden Kunstgottheiten)—as if they were the only two. ...
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Who is the woman portrayed atop a pillar at UCT's Upper Campus?

On top of a pillar that was about two or three storeys tall, I once saw this sculpture of a woman looking out toward the woods of Devil's Peak on Table Mountain in the City of Cape Town. This being ...
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Is it the Muses depicted on the façade of 100 Broadway, Manhattan?

The American Surety Building (also known as the Bank of Tokyo Building) is at 100 Broadway in Manhattan, in New York City. The building's façade is designed to look like the front of a Classical Greek ...
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Why is Milton invoking Urania?

The identity of the muse John Milton invokes in the opening of Book I in Paradise Lost is revealed in Book VII: Descend from Heav'n Urania, by that name If rightly thou art call'd, whose Voice ...
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