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Questions tagged [mythohistory]

Use this tag for questions about history as represented in mythology.

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Are there any sort of chief pantheon in Japanese mythology? Who do they consist of?

I've read some of the more well known ones like Izanagi and Izanami...Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, and Orochi... I mostly want to know about the Shinto side but Japanese Buddhism legends are good ...
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Ancient prophecies involving alcohol?

Are there any ancient prophecies involving alcohol? I asked this question on Beer, Wine & Spirits SE some two years ago and have not received an answer: Prophecies involving alcohol? When we read ...
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Is the practise of standing on stones at election consigned to mythology and folklore?

Humblus I was reading up about legendary Danish kings when I came across a character named Humblus and a rather sensational claim is made at the bottom of the article, and that claim is that political ...
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What is the relevant book for comparative mythology nowadays?

Since i am not in the field of mythology & folklore scholar but a reader. I have interested some of topic in comparative mythology especially: The diffusions of mythology across the world. The ...
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Legend about inconsistent person

Is there a myth or a legend about some inconsistent person? Some young and ambitious man, who want a lot of fame and fortune, but don't know exactly how to reach that. Who demonstrates in his actions ...
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Why Mahabharata or Ramayana did not considered as earlier civilisation than IVC?

As we all know IVC is the first civilisation in India between 3300 to 1300 BCE. But Mahabharata and Ramayana should dated before this period based on Yuga cycle. Then we haven’t considered these are ...
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what was the reason for rape in greek myths and culture

Is the reason gods assaulted women because of Eros? Did gods and mortals alike blame Eros for their act of "passion"?
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Was the Greek worship of heroes similar to their worship of the gods?

I just want to know the similarites and differences between god and hero worship in ancient Greece. Was there actually a difference, or were past heroes treated like gods?
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Is there a detailed analysis comparing Jonah's story in the Bible with the Sun and the seasons?

In this video Derek of Myth vision explores the story of Jonah and the Fish swallowing him. There is this comment below in that video. This seems like a very interesting allegory of nature. Has some ...
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