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For questions about the mythology of the original occupants of North and South America, excluding Europeans and other peoples coming afterwards.

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What are the earliest known origins of Sasquatches in Native American culture in the Americas?

What are the earliest known origins of Sasquatches in Native American culture of North or South America? Almost everybody has heard about these mysterious creatures known as Sasquatches or Bigfoot, ...
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Perception of echoes and myths concerning its nature in Northern America

I was recently listening to a song from the movie "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs", this song to be more precise. Anyway, at some point as you can see in the video, the voice of the singer ...
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What are some sentient creatures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican mythology?

I have read a bit about the five suns world creation myth, and I am curious if the original peoples of Mesoamerica believed in other sentient beings similar to the fairies, centaurs and such of ...
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What is the significance of the kinds of wood used in sweat lodges?

In The Mountain Chant: A Navajo Ceremony, Washington Matthews describes the construction of a Navajo sweat lodge: At dawn the old man woke them and said: "Go out, my children, and build a sweat-...
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What indecency caused the death of Matevilye?

Matevilye, a creator deity of the Mojave, offended his daughter so greatly that she killed him (in a rather bizarre fashion): According to the Mohave, the first were the sky, a man, and the earth, a ...
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What caused the Mojave flood?

I stumbled upon this summary of the Mojave flood myth: Many years ago, people lived under the ground. There came a time when there was no food, when the people sent a humming-bird up to see what he ...
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The Boy and the Rattlesnake: What's the origin of this Cherokee fable?

There's a commonly told "Cherokee" fable about a boy and a rattlesnake. What's the origin of this fable? Where do we see it first see it in print and does it indeed go back to Cherokee ...
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Any detailed information about the Carbuncle?

I've been searching information about the mythical creature the Carbuncle from the South American folklore, but it seems that there isn't much about it. I'm interested on faithful sources which ...
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