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Questions tagged [nymphs]

For questions about the Nymphs and their many subgroups like the Oreads, Nereids, Naiads and Meliae.

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If there is a preponderance of seductive water nymphs in mythology, then why is that so?

Is there a preponderance of seductive water nymphs in mythology? That is, among the more sexually inclined maidens in mythology, are they more likely to embody or be connected to water than other ...
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What happens to dryads when their tree is destroyed?

What happens to dryads, the tree nymphs of Greek mythology, when their tree is cut down, burned or otherwise destroyed? Do they die or do they move on to a new tree?
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How many types of Nymphs were there?

After reading and answering this question, it caused me to believe that in Greek mythology, there were a lot of nymphs. They were nature spirits, and so, there are a lot of types of nymphs. Cloud - ...
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Poseidon has two wives when/why/how?

Poseidon's wife is Amphitrite. Some say she is a Nereid, others say an Oceanid. When Poseidon first pursued her for marriage, she fled. Later the dolphin god, Delphin, persuaded her to marry the sea ...
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Are there any examples of gods or people boasting of their ability to engage in multiple acts of sex in succession?

Are there any examples in mythologies of gods or people boasting about their ability to engage in multiple acts of sex (multi-orgasmic) in succession? I am looking for examples in which they specify ...
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Claims that the Pleiades had some kind of leader

The page states: "The Pleiades were seven mountain-nymph daughters of the Titan Atlas. Their leader was Maia the mother of Hermes by Zeus." I can't ...
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Is Emily Wilson's 2018 translation of Homer's Odyssey correct to say the sorceress Circe had nymphs as 'slaves' (Book 10 line 349)?

'10.349 Meanwhile, four slaves, her house girls, were at work around the palace. They were nymphs, the daughters of fountains and of groves and holy rivers' Nymphs were semi-divine, usually immortal, ...
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Who was Thalia's mother?

I do not mean Thalia the muse/grace/nereid. I speak of Thalia the nymph, daughter of Hephaestus. She has a stub Wikipedia page that says Zeus forced he in the form of an eagle and buried her body to ...
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How were Nymphs born in Roman Mythology?

I am writing a poem set in ancient Rome and am seeking stories that regard the birth (or process of birthing) nymphs to allude to. I certainly well considered that nymphs are more represented as "...
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Was it believed that nymphs were present in every river?

Nymphs, for the most part, are nature spirits that inhabit a number of region in nature. Most popularly known are river nymphs. Did the Greeks believed nymphs were present in every river?
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Why was Perse a Nymph and not a Titan like both of her parents?

I've been reading "Circe" and it got me thinking: Circe's mother was a water nymph named Perse. Perse's parents were Oceanos and Tethys, who were both Titans. Why then is Perse a Nymph if ...
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Why did Hera tell Dryope to kidnap Hylas?

I found a page with a number of Dryope from Greek Mythology. One of them says a nymph (possibly a different one from my last question) of the name was told by Hera to kidnap Hylas. On the Hylas page, ...
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