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For questions about the book by Homer about the ten-year travels of Odysseus, a Greek hero, after fighting in the Trojan War.

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How did Helen get back from Troy?

The nostoi, or journeys home, of many of the heroes of the Trojan War are recounted by Homer -- most famously that of Odysseus -- or were known in antiquity but later lost. Is anything known about how ...
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How old was Nestor?

I am rereading the Iliad and I am wondering how old Nestor, Agamemnon, Odysseus etc. were. Nestor was and old man, but how old ? 60 ? What age was the prime of life, which I suppose Agamemnon and ...
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How much time is a generation in the odyssey and Iliad?

Prompted by the question How old was Nestor is there any reference to how much Homer considered a generation to be? I cannot seem to find any good reference that is reliable and sourced correctly, ...
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