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Questions related to Mount Olympus, where the Ancient Greeks believed their gods to reside.

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Why was Poseidon an Olympian but not Hades?

To justify Hades not being an Olympian people have said that it was because he was the God of the Underworld, therefore, in order to rule it he needed to live over there instead of Mount Olympus. What ...
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Were there cooks for the gods on Olympus in Greek(or Roman) Mythology

I am writing a play in which Greek mythology is a worshipful act and wanted to write that the gods decided to eat the humanly harvest rather than the food (ambrosia, the nectar) of Olympus. Are ...
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Do all gods and goddesses live on Mount Οlympus?

Do all Greek gods and goddesses live on Mount Olympus? Including minor ones like Echo, Narcissus, etc.?
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How did the Greeks imagine the palace of the Olympians?

The traditional view is that the palace of the Olympians resembled an ancient Greek acropolis. However, I couldn't find any actual description of the palace or even parts of it from ancient writers. ...
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Who lives in Mount Olympus usually?

Greek gods were on Olympus. On the top of my head, I can also name some more, like the Muses and Ganymede, but, are there other people who lived on Mount Olympus?
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Did the ancient Greeks believe the Olympians residence on Mt. Olympus to be a metaphor?

Did the ancient Greeks believe that the residence of the main Olympians on the top of Mt. Olympus to be literal? Or is Mt. Olympus used as a metaphor to explain that the gods resided on the highest ...
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Why were the Greek Gods on Olympus?

It's a well known fact that the Greek Gods resided in the fabled mountain of Olympus. However most mythology was created based on factual stories that have been twisted or altered. Why is Mount ...
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