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Ancient Egyptian god of fertility, alcohol, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation. His brother, Setesh, cut him up into pieces after killing him, Isis, his wife, found all the pieces and wrapped his body up. As ruler of the dead, Osiris was also sometimes called "king of the living" as he is the first god-king of Earth in ancient Egypt.

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16 votes
3 answers

Are "Dying and Rising Gods" Dead?

Frazer famously made popular the idea of "dying and rising" gods associated with the seasons and vegetation. In the ancient Near East and Mediterranean, common examples have included Dummuzi/Tammuz, ...
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22 votes
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What is the significance of this part in the myth of the resurrection of Osiris?

After Osiris is tricked and killed by Seth he is dismembered, and it is up to his wife Isis to recover all the pieces and bring him back to life. There is something that always caught my attention ...
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