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Pandora was created by Hephaestus as first woman on Earth according to Greek mythology.

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Where is it said that Pandora opened the box out of curiosity?

The earliest mention of Pandora seems to be Hesiod's Works and Days: Zeus in the anger of his heart hid it, because Prometheus the crafty deceived him; therefore he planned sorrow and mischief ...
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Were bad human traits contained in Pandora's Box?

What I am asking for is if there is a source that fluently describe everything that went out when the jar was opened. I already know that it contained any kind of sickness, death, but was there any ...
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In what sense is Pandora the first woman?

Pandora was created by the Greek gods and offered to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus. Pandora is referred to as the first woman. It is to me unclear in what sense that was meant. My original thought ...
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Did Zeus give Pandora the box?

Did Zeus give Pandora the box? So the version I'm most familiar with is that Epimetheus had a box containing the evils of the world, but in some other versions e.g.
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Can the unbreakable lid specifically in the Work and Days version of Pandora be taken as a metaphor?

This excellent question got me thinking about how to understand the perceived ambiguity of the status of "Hope" in the Works and Days version of the Pandora story. Is there some deeper meaning to the ...
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What is the good and the evil in the Pandora's Box story?

I have a essay to do on the Pandora's Box, but I get confused on which is the good and which is the evil. But I have the story where Hope also gets into the world, so its a little different.
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What exactly was in Pandora's Box?

So, only Hope remained in that box. And a whole bunch of bad stuff came out. But, what exactly was in there? I'm looking for the greek proper names.
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Is there a Sumerian Pandora myth?

On the FOX show Sleepy Hollow, the Big Bad this season calls herself Pandora, and she has a box from which supernatural evil things come, but one of the protagonists says she's from Sumeria. The ...
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What is the symbolism behind Pandora's Box?

The myth of Pandora is basically the story of a woman who is given a box by the gods, and told not to open it. Of course, she opens the box, and evil is released to the world. Is it possible that the ...
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Why is it that we say "Pandora's box" so often even thought it was a jar?

Why is it so popular to say that it was a box when it was actually a jar?
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Why was it a good thing that hope remained in Pandora's box?

One thing has always confused me about the story of Pandora. When she opened her box (or jar, whatever), all sorts of evil things escaped outside the box, and this is why we have evil in the world now....
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