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Persian name for the al-mi'rāj (one-horned rabbit)

The al-mi'rāj is a creature of Persian myth, which resembles a one-horned rabbit. Despite being a Persian myth, most sources seem to have been written in Arabic, hence the Arabic name(s), but what is ...
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3 answers

Are there any non-European versions of "Elves" in Indian/Persian/Arabic/Chinese/Meso-American folklore/fairy tales?

Basically the traits should be long life, good looks, pointy features, thin, magically adept and closer to divinity. I think, Yaksha of Hindu Mythology could potentially be one candidate but he seems ...
6 votes
1 answer

What were the names of Anahita's horses in the original Avestan language?

Most sources on the internet agree that Anahita's four white horses are named Wind, Clouds, Rain, and Sleet. These are obviously the English translations of these words. I am looking for the original ...
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English transliteration of the Persian word for werewolf?

I have found that the Persian word for werewolf is (گرگینه) which the closest English transliteration I can find is "grgynh". Does anyone know of better transliteration, that lends itself to ...
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0 answers

Primary sources for Persian land of Shadu-kam?

I'd like to find the primary sources (if any) for a Persian mythical land called Shadu-kam. It's supposed to be the realm of the Peris, a kind of fairyland, but I can't seem to find much about it. I ...
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1 answer

Why does Ohrmazd need to plan a time to fight Ahriman?

In the Bundahishn, Ohrmazd, after being confronted with Ahriman, decides to set a concrete time to fight Ahriman and resolve the conflict: Then Ohrmazd, through omniscience, knew that: If I do not ...
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2 answers

Please help identify creature/character on necklace!

I have this necklace that I bought at antique shop long ago and I’ve had no luck with identifying what the creature may be. Does this happen to look familiar to anyone?
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0 answers

Relationship of Mithra and Varuna

Just need an answer about the two gods Mithra and Varuna, their situation actually. I know that Mithra isn't worshiped at all, but I read and suspect personally that his name still remains in the "...
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1 answer

Persian Zeus in Xenophon's Cyropaedia

In the Cyropaedia, the fictional biography of Cyrus the Great, there are, at least, 26 instances of "Zeus", in many cases used like... "By Zeus!" This is interpretatio graeca, of course, but, if we ...
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Characteristics, associations, or icons pertaining to Zoroastrian demons?

I'm working on an undergraduate term paper about the impact of the Achaemenid empire (so literature would have to be pretty old) on the development of Judeo-Christian demonology. I've found some lists ...
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What is the significance of kissing someone's shoulder in the Shahnameh?

I have been reading the Shahnameh, and there's a scene where a demon kisses a character's shoulders, which causes "two black snakes [to grow from the character's] shoulders." "I have one request to ...