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Why was phoenician Melqart identified with Heracles?

From the Wikipedia article on Melkart: To the Greeks and the Romans, who identified Melqart with Hercules, he was often distinguished as the Tyrian Hercules. What attributes did they share for this ...
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The Phoenician Months MTN and P'LT

I'm doing some research into the names of the months in the Phoenician calendar. I have a theory that all but three of the names have ties to the Phoenician pagan practices, but don't have evidence ...
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Why was Baal Hammon identified with Cronus/Saturn?

Greeks identified the Carthaginian Baal Hammon with Cronus, and Romans, in turn, with Saturn. Why was that? Did Baal Hammon share any attributes with Cronus/Saturn?
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What Phoenician story could be the inspiration of the cosmic story of five Titanes?

This is from Bleh's answer (quoting The cosmic story of five Titanes--four holding the corners of heaven--may be Phoenician in origin. What Phoenician story could be the basis for the ...
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