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Questions tagged [reference-request]

For questions that ask for a canonical reference about a commonly known myth.

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References on Tolkien's plots

Diana Wynne Jones's autobiography contains an interesting report on what Tolkien lectured about at university: He started with the simplest possible story: a man (prince or woodcutter) going on a ...
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Narratives in Haitian (or other) Vodou?

While there are plenty of modern and literary references to the Loas, I can't seem to find any narratives of the Loas themselves. Are there any narratives available or are the Loas best defined by ...
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Original Southeast Asian or Polynesian Literature (as Computer Readable Text) Online

Wondering if there are any original documents in text format (i.e. "etexts") for any of the Southeast Asian or Polynesian mythology, folklore, or just general documents written in their native ...
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Naranath Bhranthan, earliest mentions and sources?

Naranath Bhranthan appears to be a figure from medieval Indian tradition, but except for some repeats of the wikipedia article I have not been able to find anything worth commenting. When and where ...
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Do there exist any spells or ritual things / chants in Old Norse, Old Irish, or Old English online in text format?

I have found the voluspa and other large Old Norse texts. Then there's Beowulf. I've seen several Old Irish poems as well. But what about spells and magic? Do there exist any of those online in the ...
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