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A set of actions or words performed in a regular way, often as part of a religious ceremony.

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Did the Greeks have an offering of blood, wine and milk, similar to the Cretan one?

So I found this big old book about ancient cultures and in it, the typical offering on Crete was blood, wine and milk. Mixed together in a big bowl. The book describes the mix as a symbol for the ...
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What is a "house of Madanu" and a "gate of Madanu"?

The Hittite ritual CTH 432 ("The Ritual for Depression") mentions laying out certain patterns in flour, starting at §3.24: namma-kan É dMADANI Ù É dṢAR[… gulašzi nu-kan KÁ dMADANI IŠ[… Next,...
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Origins of the Chinese Red Egg Tradition

In China there is a folk custom to give a red egg on someone's birthday. When and where did this practice originate from? Are there any myths related to the practice?
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Why does Eumaeus singles out the nymphs and Hermes in his offerings?

In Odyssey 14 Eumaeus the swineherd is the first person that meets Odysseus upon his return to Ithaca. Although he doesn't recognize his master, he offers him shelter and treats him to a feast: Then ...
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