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To what degree is the villainization of Cao Cao a function of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

Also his depiction in Chinese Opera. I ask because, although he often does troubling things such as the murder of Lü Boshe's family, Mengde is a man of exceptional talents and has many admirable ...
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Map of Guan Yu crossing 5 passes?

In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, after Guan Yu finds out Liu Bei is still alive and with Yuan Shao, he departs Cao Cao from Xuchang and heads north, in a story known as crossing five passes and slays ...
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How was the reputation of Zhuge Liang established, before joining Liu Bei?

According to legend (particularly Luo Guanzhong's "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"), after Liu Bei pays three visits to the remote thatched cottage of the strategist Zhuge Liang (Kongming), he agrees ...
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