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The word "runa" means "mystery". Runes are magical and alphabetic characters that used to be carved on the rocks or on the tree, by them were decorated weapons, utensils, various objects, wrote spells over the entrance to the house and on the noses of ships. III century ad.

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Is this stylized version of the world turtle part of any known lore?

We found this stylized world turtle flag and are wondering if it is anything "real" or just a modern artist version of the world turtle. Any ideas?
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What does these runes say?

I was thinking of a tattoo with Nordic influence, I found this picture and I love it, but I need to know what it says (if it says anything), information about the symbols (like Yggdrasil or the Crows ...
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"Berserker" In the sagas

Is there any writen reference to that word? I've been looking to put it in futhark, but apparently there is a debate about its origin(bear skin or shirtless). So, how would they write it down(younger ...
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What are the runes for "[name] carved this runes"?

There are a lot of instances in viking history where one of them wold carve this graffiti on a wall, one of the most famous being the Halfdan inscription on the Hagia Sophia. I've been looking ...
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What is the meaning of the apparently runic symbol carved on (former Nazi agriculture minister and SS officer) Walther Darré's grave?

What is the meaning of this apparently runic symbol carved on the grave of Walther Darré, the former Nazi agriculture minister and high-ranking SS officer? Darré was found guilty on some of the ...
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What is the meaning of this rune/symbol?

I found this rune/symbol on Max Neef's book "Human scale development". What is the meaning? Here on the stone it was found:
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How do you say and write "Question" in Norse?

How would you say "questions" in Norse? How would the wrote it in runes? Does it has any important or philosophical meaning in the Eddas?
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Hugin and Muninn in runes

Is there a way to write the names "Hugin" and "Muninn" in Norse runes? Are there differences in the meaning of each ("memory" and "thought")?
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What do the "runes" on this pendant say?

I found this pendant on AliExpress, and it looks pretty nice. But I'd like to know what the runes mean, if anything?
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Rune Identification needed for tattoo

I found a tattoo in a book about mandala tattoos and don't know what the meaning is. Can anyone identify what this tattoo means? (click to enlarge)
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Have runes ever been used to bring someone back to life?

In stanza 156 (or 157 depending on translation) of Hávamál, we learn that runes have the power to bring back the dead: 156. A twelfth I know: if I see in a tree a corpse from a halter ...
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Is a runic manuscript of the Heimskringla realistic?

In the story of Jules Verne's novel Voyage au Centre de la Terre, the protagonist acquires a very rare book: a copy of the Heimskrigla, the famous chronicle of the kings of Sweden written by the 13th ...
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