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For questions about the folklore and mythology of the Sami, an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting Sápmi.

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Sami tale where the fox is left as sole speaker of human language

Does anyone know the Sami tale where all the animals gather inside a mountain and decide they won't be speaking the same language as humans from now on? If I remember correctly, they agree that one ...
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Is there a Sami legend of a Shaman using human body parts to ward off demons?

The second season of the television series Fortitude revolves around a presumably Sami1 legend of a murderous Shaman. The legend is described in episode 6: There's a legend among the people here ...
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Why does Horagalles have a nail on his head?

According to Wikipedia, the Sami thunder god Horagalles was depicted with a nail or spike on the head: Idols of Horagalles are made of wood and have a nail or spike and a piece of flint in the head. ...
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Did the Sami affect Norse mythology?

Fairly simple question, but a broad one: Did the Sami people of northern Scandinavia have any impact on Norse mythology? If so, how?
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