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Why are the Sirens the "muses of Hades"?

In Pietro Pucci's Song of the Sirens essay collection, he mentions in passing that the Sirens are "the muses of Hades" (chapter 9, page 132). As far as I can tell, there's no further ...
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Did Panopeus swear an oath that Comaetho could marry Amphitryon?

In the Alexandra of Lycophron is is written: Afraid of the spear and the impetuous phalanx, he pays for the false oath of his father regarding the spear-won herds, which wretchedman, when the towers ...
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Does anyone know of other publications by Hertha von Dechend, co-author of "Hamlet's Mill"?

"Hamlet's Mill" emphasized the Precession and resettings for new World Ages. Where can similar views be found?
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