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Questions looking for a specific text on mythology or folklore.

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Are Lorialets real or fictional mythological creatures?

I've been playing a game that uses a lot of mythological creatures, vampires, sphinxes, kitsune, tengu, minotaurs, etc. But then they used Lorialets. The only easy source on it that cites things, is a ...
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What source says the Pythia warned Aegeus he would die of grief?

Robert Graves phrases her oracle to Aegeus as follows: The Oracle warned him not to untie the of mouth his bulging wine-skin until he reached the highest point of Athens, lest he one day die of grief ...
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Are there any sources about defiling and/or renouncing an idol being a capital offense?

Are there any sources about defiling and/or renouncing an idol in the ancient pagan world being a capital offense?
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Does anyone know of other publications by Hertha von Dechend, co-author of "Hamlet's Mill"?

"Hamlet's Mill" emphasized the Precession and resettings for new World Ages. Where can similar views be found?
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