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For questions relating to the mythology of Sumer, the land of the Sumerians around the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, which was later called Mesopotamia by the Ancient Greeks. See also the [mesopotamia] tag.

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Why did Ninḫursaĝa cure Enki?

In the story of Uttu and Enki, Ninḫursaĝa cursed Enki: Ninḫursaĝa cursed the name Enki: "Until his dying day, I will never look upon him with life-giving eye." However, later on in the text and ...
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What or who is Igidallru?

In Did Greeks and Romans allow for belief in only some of their gods?, Igidallru is mentioned: Here is for example Odysseus killing the Cyclops, I meant Nergal killing Igidallru As a comment ...
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Book recommendations for Sumerian ME decrees

What are some reasonably well-informed scholarly studies (books, book-chapters, articles) on the Sumerian godly decrees ME, preferably containing the latest archeological evidence and interpetation? I'...
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Is the "half-goddess" Hel distinct among mythical rulers of the underworld?

By this I mean, there is a definite parallel between Hel and other underworld goddesses, Kore/Persephone in particular, although the concept may be extended to Inanna/Geshtinanna, who Gaiman regards ...
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