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Questions tagged [symbolism]

For questions about objects in myths that stand for something else in either the myth or the real world, sometimes for teaching a lesson.

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Is there any folklore in non-European culture that may be an attempt to "explain" similar to changeling myths in Western Europe and Scandinavia?

It has been suggested by some authors that stories of changelings in Scandinavia and western Europe are an attempt by ancient peoples used to try and explain developmental abnormalities in children, ...
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Are there any good Jungian studies of Irish myth ( not generic 'Celtic')?

This kind of stuff is what I am interested in: Myths of Irishness: The Fomorian Connection. Articles would be ideally the best.
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Cross-dressing Grecian/Hellenistic priests

Background: I'm reading a book in Hebrew called "The Ten Tribes" by Alter Walner, a collection of essays on a number of topics that relate both to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel and to other ...
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What is the relationship between Celtic harmonics and Celtic symbols?

I've noticed that Celtic-sounding words are very sing-song. Is there a connection between this rhythm and their symbols, like the Celtic knot?
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What is a reptile with many heads meant to symbolize?

I'm from Romania, a country where you fill like you are in a trash can in urban zones, but feels like a fairy tale in rural zones. In school we learn about fairy tales (which is a species of very ...
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Trying to find out the meaning of my birthmark

I have a birth mark on the bottom of my right foot. It is a crescent moon reddish in color... it faces the same way a C would. I'm just curious if it has a significant meaning to it because I've ...
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