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For myths regarding water and the creatures that live in it.

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Why does Cronus have the power to cast hailstones, in the Dionysiaca of Nonnus?

I was reading the page of Cronus on when I saw this passage, which talks about the fight between Zeus and Cronus: Broadbeard Kronos fanned the flame of Enyo (War) as he cast icy spears ...
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Have any dragons in mythology been able to breathe fire underwater?

Are there any dragons in any mythological canons that have been able to breathe fire while underwater?
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If there is a preponderance of seductive water nymphs in mythology, then why is that so?

Is there a preponderance of seductive water nymphs in mythology? That is, among the more sexually inclined maidens in mythology, are they more likely to embody or be connected to water than other ...
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