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For questions about how weapons play a role in myths or mythical events, as well as famous mythological weapons, such as Poseidon's trident or Zeus' lightning bolts.

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Was there meant to be a connection or comparison between Poseidon's trident and Hades's bident?

In Greek mythology, Poseidon carries a three-pronged spear known as a trident, while his brother Hades carries a two-pronged spear known as a bident. For that matter, the third brother Zeus carries ...
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Was the Grim Reaper originally depicted with a scythe or a sickle?

Was the Grim Reaper originally depicted with a scythe or a sickle? I have seen both versions of the Angel of Death's weapon and was wondering which one is considered the older, more original version. ...
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Zeus' Lightning Bolt

Did Zeus'/Iupiters' lightning bolt ever attain it's own personal name, or did the Greeks and Romans only ever use generic words for thunder and lightning?
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Why does Perseus carry a sickle instead of a sword?

Perseus armed with a sickle has a well established iconography in Greek mythology: From But why does Perseus carry this "weapon" instead of a proper sword, like it is shown in later ...
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Is it true that Norse mythology gods are almost the same as mortals without their weapons?

Is it true that Norse mythology gods are almost the same as mortals without their weapons? I think that Thor gets his lightning from Mjölnir and his strength from his belt. If that is the case wouldn'...
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Could the weapons of the gods be used against them?

Ethan's answer to the How did Athena keep from being turned into stone by her shield? question puts forth an interesting idea: Athena probably wouldn't have been turned to stone from Medusa's head ...
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Citations for Fragarach in Irish Mythology?

Wikipedia has a short page on the truth-discerning sword Fragarach, passed from Lugh to Cúchulainn, and subsequently to Conn Cétchathach. It's been a while since I last read the the Ulster Cycle so I ...
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Did ancient Egyptian gods have weapons like the Greek gods?

Did ancient Egyptian gods have weapons, like the Greek gods (Zeus's thunderbolt or Poseidon's trident, for example)? If so, who made them? I've never read anywhere where they had weapons.
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Who were the weapons-makers for the Norse gods?

Who were the weapons-makers for the Norse gods? Was there a specific god like in Greek mythology?
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Who made Mjölnir?

The God Thor, in many stories I have been exposed to, has a hammer called Mjölnir that provides superpowers. In some versions of stories the powers are stronger then a God alone. Where did Mjölnir ...
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Was the Mjölnir usable by only the worthy?

Present works of fiction present Mjölnir as a hammer of unbelievable power, which can only be used by the worthy. But, when the Mjölnir is given to Thor, its properties are described: Then he gave ...
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Can a werewolf be killed by any silver weapon or must it be a bullet? [closed]

I typically hear of the silver bullet being the gold standard (so to speak) weapon for killing a werewolf and rarely hear of other weapons successfully doing the job. Even Wikipedia's article on ...
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