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Questions tagged [welsh-triads]

The triads are a collection of welsh text that catalogue welsh literature in groups of threes.

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In the Mabinogion does “black man” mean black haired?

Many of the tales in my translation from Welsh by Jones and Jones use the phrase “black man”. Is this referring to someone with black hair or someone of African origin?
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How were the Welsh Triads used by the Welsh?

There have been a few questions about the meaning of various welsh triads on this site. However, I'm curious about how these triads were used by the Welsh. Were the triads similar to a collection of ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is there any connection between the Three Humbled Chieftains?

In the third branch of the Mabinogion, Pryderi tells Manawydan Your cousin is king of Island of the Mighty and although he may do you wrong' he continued 'you have never been a claimant for land or ...
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Were those who comitted the Three Unfortunate Disclosures aware of what they were doing?

And there were the Three Unfortunate Disclosures when these were disclosed. And Gwrtheyrn the Thin disclosed the bones of Gwerthefyr the Blessed form the love of a woman: that was Ronnwen the pagan ...
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