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For questions about humans who periodically turn into wolf-like creatures, often at the full moon.

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How many different werewolf variants are there?

I know there are different types of lycanthrope, a shapeshifter with 2 shifts. I know that different cultures (like japanese, western, norse) discuss the consent of lycanthropes. But how many ...
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English transliteration of the Persian word for werewolf?

I have found that the Persian word for werewolf is (گرگینه) which the closest English transliteration I can find is "grgynh". Does anyone know of better transliteration, that lends itself to ...
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Do mongols have something like a werewolf?

Lots of cultures have some sort of shapeshifting monster or a magician that can transform into animals. Do mongols have something like this too? Is it a feral monster or is it more intelligent? Is ...
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The Origin of Werewolf: Deities Cursing People into Animals?

I read some years back, about some ancient mythology where people believed the gods would rather commonly curse mortals into animal forms. There may've even been terms specific to this process. I ...
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What was the earliest werewolf myth?

So, the earliest werewolf I can find is in Greek times. But, was there ever an earlier werewolf myth?
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What is the relationship between werewolves and vampires in Balkan folklore?

In Balkan folklore, several words that originally meant werewolf (e.g. the Bulgarian vǎrkolak and the Serbian vulkodlak) either ended up being used for both creatures or for vampires alone (e.g the ...
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Can a werewolf be killed by any silver weapon or must it be a bullet? [closed]

I typically hear of the silver bullet being the gold standard (so to speak) weapon for killing a werewolf and rarely hear of other weapons successfully doing the job. Even Wikipedia's article on ...
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