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What species of tree is meant in the Dangun myth of Korea?

The 'Dangun myth' tell the story of Korea's origins. Hwanin/Haneullim is the Supreme God, whose son Hwanung descends to earth to a sandalwood tree. His son is Dangun, founder and god-king of Gojoseon, ...
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Are forests and trees considered self sufficient and self reliant? Or is there any lore on caretakers of the forests?

With the significance of trees as representations of life in various cultures, do any of them ever mention caretakers of the forests? Or a defense against impurities and corruption? Or have they ...
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Have Adam and Eve ever eaten the fruit from Tree of Life?

Did YWHW ever forbid Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from Tree of Life, or it was only forbidden after they ate the fruit from Tree of Good and Evil? Were they being expelled from Eden only because YWHW ...
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How big were the Nine Realms of Norse mythology?

Is it mentioned anywhere in the scriptures how big the ancient Norse believed the Nine Realms of their myths were?
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Where was the World Tree located?

In Indo-European mythology, particular, in Slavic, Baltic and Germanic mythologies there is a so-called World Tree, more precisely, World Oak that plays a sacred role and connects the underworld to ...
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Is there a world tree in Greek mythology?

I was reading up on the world tree motif, when I realized that apparently the concept is absent from Greek mythology: Although the concept is absent from the Greek mythology, medieval Greek folk ...
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