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Are the Yoruba and Japanese pantheons the only ones to have an infinite increasing number of gods?

I know that the Yoruba and Japanese gods have basically an infinite number of gods since their pantheons continue to grow all the time but are there any other pantheons that do this?
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Translation and meaning of an Ọṣun chant

I am hoping to find clarification on the correct spelling and meaning of the following song for Ọṣun: Jowo gba mi se o ore, yeye Ọṣun (2x) A di di ndi (2x) Osun Sekese Oloo ya Iyun I'm told that ...
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What is the significance of the number of orishas?

According to Wikipedia, different oral traditions refer to different numbers of orishas: Yoruba tradition often says that there are 401 orishas, which is associated with a sacred number. Other ...
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How is Odudua the Orisha of Earth?

Odudua is the Orisha (Yoruban deity) of Earth. She is said to be the personification of Earth and is the sister of Olorun, the god of the sky and ruler of the Orishas. However, his son, Oduduwa,is ...
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How were the Orishas born?

Orishas are the deities that form the Yoruban pantheon. Their ruler is Olorun. However, while I was reading up on them, I was unable to find out about how the Orishas were created. How were these gods ...
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