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Why was the Aztec god Xolotl associated with Venus?

Xolotl and Quetzalcoatl Xolotl was the twin brother of Quetzalcoatl, and where both associated with the twin phases of Venus as evening and morning star. In their roles as evening and morning star ...
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Why thank the person who is cutting out your heart?

This falls under the idea that it is an honor to be a sacrifice for the gods. On film that may be worth looking at is Pasolini's 1969 film Medea. The film opens with Medea's royal family sacrificing ...
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Any Good Sources for Aztec Mythology?

The only book I have is Douglas Gifford's Warriors, Gods and Spirits from Central and South American Mythology (illustrated by John Sibbick). This book is part of the The World Mythology series, which ...
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What are the dates of the “Five Suns” in the Aztec calendar?

The 3113 BCE date comes from the Classic Maya calendar. According to the ancient Maya, the current baktun, or creation period, started on August 11, 3113 BC, written in the Maya calendar system as 0....
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What are the 365 virtues?

365 Genii of Earthly Spheres, the Greek calendar divided it so. Also Abraxas stood for the 7 Sphere Archons, or the Planetary Rulers that in some traditions were 'imprisoning' by misunderstanding, ...
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Any Good Sources for Aztec Mythology?

Native Mesoamerican Spirituality, ed. Miguel León-Portilla, and The Aztecs: A Very Short Introduction by Davíd Carrasco are sources I've used. For the latter source, mythology is addressed mostly in ...
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What was the Aztec religion's view of virginity?

1950's conservative: While I'm not an expert, from what I can find, the Aztecs had an attitude about sex that would have fit in the 1950's. Virginity was expected of women when they married, less so ...
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