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For questions on or related to Buddhism, a collection of traditions originating from India and based on the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

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Was there a Mythological Being Who had His Eyes Removed and Separated?

WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Blue Exorcist and The 8th Night So, I recently watched a recap of a Korean Mystery-Thriller film called "The 8th Night". The basic premise is that a young monk ...
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Do the myths of Malayalam Onam, Egyptian Osiris Myth and Vietnamese Tet show cultural contacts?

Were there any contacts between the ancient Egyptian, Keralan (South Indian), and Vietnamese civilizations that may have been significant enough for these people to have borrowed elements from each ...
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Why is Chhinnamasta called The self-decapitated Goddess?

She is a Mahavidya, a list of Sakta and Buddhist goddesses, and the sixth listed on the Wikipedia page. (I don't know if that's important.) Here, she is described as the 'self-decapitated Goddess.' ...
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What is the original story of Fox Spirit/Nine tails fox in India's myths?

I read in wikipedia and some mythology sites about the fox spirit that came from India but surprisingly they never mentioned any story in an Indian version. I can only find stories from China - Daji, ...
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Were any Buddhist narratives ever folded into the myths of the Greeks, or vice versa?

The cultural exchange between the Greeks (under Alexander, at first) and the Buddhists of northwestern India is known to have had impacts on both parties. I'm aware of some theological influences, at ...
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