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Are there any myths of rulers who have built and destroyed their own domains?

In Hebrew myth, Yahweh made and peopled the world (Gen. 1) but then, because of inhabitant misconduct, repented and flooded it (Gen. 6.5-7.22).
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Are there any examples of gods or people boasting of their ability to engage in multiple acts of sex in succession?

*NOTE: MATURE CONTENT The story of Enkidu and Shamhat from The Epic of Gilgamesh comes to mind. Enkidu is considered a "wild man" in the sense that he lived alongside animals following his ...
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If there is a preponderance of seductive water nymphs in mythology, then why is that so?

Before modern sapiens had full cognition all mammals operated with their emotional cognition that has about 20 pre-programmed responses to external stimuli. We still use it when we cry, laugh, yawn or ...
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