Definitions Presumably by "demigods" you are referring to the relatively modern term as taken to denote a character from Greco-Roman mythology who is the offspring of a deity and of a human being. The Ancient Greek hēmítheos and the Latin semideus, from which we get the English "demigod," does literally mean "half-god," but this ...


In the absence of any statements to the contrary, I think it is safe to assume that demigods have normal human lifespans for people of their rank and profession (i.e. Bronze Age soldiers and royalty). I can't recall any myths that mention, for example, a demigod dramatically outliving their non-demigod spouses, the way that Arwen is foretold to outlive ...


In myths, demigods normally live for the average human lifespan, but there is no riskier job than the one demigods have. The only demigod that actually had a happy ending was Perceus, but most of the other ones died younger.

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