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What is the great gulf mentioned by Hesiod?

Yes, this "great gulf" (χάσμα μέγ') and chaos are one and the same. Gulf, chasm, abyss, void, or gap is an older meaning (LSJ; Wiki) for a term that in modern English has come to mean ...
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Where did OSP Red's idea of the leader of the Wild Hunt being a "dead nobleman named Hackleburg or Hacklebaran" come from?

The historical character they seem to be referencing is Hanns von Hackelberg [German Wikipedia page], a 16th century master hunter in service of Duke Julius of Brunswick-Lüneburg. The legend says that ...
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When did many kinds of Fairies become small statured or tiny?

So, the idea of many fairies being small or tiny can be traced back to the writings of folks like Shakespeare and Drayton in the medieval and Renaissance periods. In their works, fairies like Puck ...
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