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Why were the lungs left inside the mummy of Herakleides, instead of the heart?

The only explanation that comes to mind for me is that the traditional religion and it's methods were not as present anymore during the later ptolemaic years. It might have been an “accident“ rather ...
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Traditional beliefs regarding guardians of burial grounds

That's the legend of the Church Grim. They're from English and Scandinavian lore, and they protect cemeteries and churchyards. From the website: The ...
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How did the Norse ship burial ritual originate from?

Kurgan Culture Kurgans are large burial mounds that originated in Pontic steppe around 6000 BC. The horse was domesticated in the Pontic-Caspian steppe around 3500 BC, and the chariot was likely ...
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Why is the ferry toll for Charon placed in the dead person's mouth?

Death does not occur in an instant. There is an interval between the cessation of all signs of life and the separation of the soul of the deceased from his or her body. Often, if the newly deceased ...
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