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What is the oldest traditional children's game?

I'M GONNA SAY SENET The games that kids played included a game like checkers as well as Senet and their game pieces were made of small stones and knucklebones (which were really sheep ankle bones). ...
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Why do Ethiopians play gena on Christmas?

What are the origins of the Ethiopian Christmas day game of Gena? It is Ethiopian tradition that the country was converted to Christianity during the time of the Apostles. We see in Acts 8: 26-40 ...
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The interruption of the duel in the Iliad

I am not sure where you got the idea that the truce in Book VII was a "sacred truce", but I'm afraid that is not the case. The concept of the sacred truce is very specific, it's a device designed to ...
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Is there a myth that explains Senet's origins?

The site Egyptian Myths has an article on Senet that proposes a link between the game and the afterlife: Meaning: The senet game was connected to the afterlife. Senet boards were often placed in ...
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