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The scholiast to Apollonius of Rhodes gives the story with Orion, but nothing about Artemis. The scholiast to Pindar Nemean 2.17-18 also gives the story with Orion (along with a lot of non-mythological content). I don't see in either one of them a reference to a connection with Artemis. However, there are sources for this in the scholia, which you have ...


As far as I know (having been searching for a long time), there's no published translation (English or otherwise) of any complete set of Greek scholia. But there are possible workarounds. Commentaries often quote or paraphrase scholia, so you might start by looking at a commentary on the quoted passage. For example, Perseus has a digitized copy of a ...


I think it's more along the lines of Jason needing children to continue his 'noble line', the implied insult being that Medea has no noble line and therefore no need to have children. As Medea is the daughter of a King, this is an insult both to her and her family.

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