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Airs composed by priest in Hebrew perhaps?

"Airs composed" indicates an anagram of "airs". "By" indicates concatenation. "Priest" refers to Eli (from the book of Samuel). That's the cryptic half of the clue, and it yields ISRA+ELI. And "...
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Significance of Enoch's age in the Hebrew Bible and identification with seventh antediluvian king/sage from Mesopotamian mythology

A few possible answers: From a more secular view: Heinrich Zimmern in The Babylonian and the Hebrew Genesis (Originally in German "Biblische und babylonische Urgeschichte"), pg 44-45, wrote: ...
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What's the difference between a giant and the "nephilim"?

Well, for one the English term "giant" is vague and generic: it merely means taller than average which is why a pro basketball player can be called giant (and none of them even make it to 8 ft.) and ...
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What's the difference between a giant and the "nephilim"?

Merriam-Webster provides the following definition: Nephilim (noun) a biblical race of giants or demigods giant (noun) 1 : a legendary humanlike being of great stature and strength 2a : a living being ...
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What are the 365 virtues?

365 Genii of Earthly Spheres, the Greek calendar divided it so. Also Abraxas stood for the 7 Sphere Archons, or the Planetary Rulers that in some traditions were 'imprisoning' by misunderstanding, ...
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