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Why was Hephaestus ugly?

Hephaestus’ ugly appearance and lameness is taken by some to represent peripheral neuropathy and skin cancer resulting from arsenicosis caused by arsenic exposure from metalworking. Bronze age smiths ...
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Who was Thalia's mother?

I've done some preliminary research, and found nothing on Thaleia. This is one of those wonderful little "mythical myths" where the only sources are secondary: all we know of this nymph comes from a ...
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Did Hephaestus and Aphrodite get divorced?

Probably yes. Several writers, including Homer and Hesiod, mention that Hephaistos married Aglaea, one of the three Charites. It is not entirely clear whether this happened before or after his ...
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Who was Thalia's mother?

We don't really know... although I have a theory. Several ancient sources mention this nymph Thaleia (or Thalia) but only one, Stephanus of Byzantium, s.v. Palikê, says anything about her parentage. ...
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